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May 2009

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
May 21, 2009
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  6:30 PM

Band Director’s Report:

  • We have a new field show for the 2009 season called Gansta Jazz
  • This is grade 5 music, more difficult than in the past 2 years
  • The previous music has been easier because we didn’t want to overwhelm the kids while building up the band
  • Summer schedule begins with rehearsals on July 2, 9 and 16, 9-3
  • Band camp will be held the weeks of July 20th, July 27th, Aug. 3rd and Aug. 10th
  • Brian will do a survey to see if Tuesday and Thursday would be better days for practice than Monday and Thursday.
  • Monday conflicts with Honor Band and Jazz Band and some kids have this conflict
  • Also, kids sometimes miss Mondays because people travel and take long weekends
  • Christine Anderson has been hired as Brian’s assistant
  • She will be doing the schedule of Parades and Field Shows
  • We’ll be doing as many as she can fit in
  • Cost for the Spring Florida Disney trip should be $1300
  • Flyers should be ready by next week
  • This will be the 3rd week of April 2010
  • Brian has a new information sheet for recruits to fill out that mentions the Disney trip
  • This serves as additional incentive to join the band
  • Recruiting is going well
  • Brian will be visiting the band classes at Kennedy this week
  • Thanks to Dakota for recruiting a new tuba player, Dustin, he is awesome
  • For the past 3 weeks Brian hosted a music festival at Montbello
  • He’ll be donating $2000 of the proceeds from this to the Parent Corp
  • This will help to pay Christine’s salary

Other Business:

  • Bill Light will be ordering new LED lights for Parade of Lights costumes
  • We discussed colors and decided white would be brightest
  • The kids could wear 2 strings each, one white, then different colors for the 2nd
  • Well need 120 strings, 2 each for 60 band members
  • If there is a price break for higher quantity, Bill will buy more

Financial Report:

  • A $10,000 CD matured on April 16 and is now drawing some interest in a savings account
  • Rie had an idea to use this money as an incentive for kids to attend band camp
  • There are 25 days of Band Camp
  • We can give each kid $10 per day of camp they attend for a total of $250
  • They will have to attend every day to get this (2 legitimate absences allowed)
  • This money is to be put toward the Disney trip ($250 deposit due in August)
  • Once their deposit is in they’ll fundraise through us for the remainder
  • Since the Parent Corp takes 20% of fundraising proceeds, we’ll get back the $250


  • We were looking at selling coffee as a fundraiser but $15 for 12oz of coffee seemed too much
  • We look to get 40% to 60% back on fundraising sales
  • We are planning to start bingo again
  • Alma is looking into locations at 54th and Sheridan and Federal and Jewel
  • Kids 14 years and above can work bingo
  • If enough people get the Disney Deposit in, there will be more people needing to fund raise
  • We may be able to start up Bronco and Rockies games again
  • We want to start selling merchandise at All City Stadium games
  • Examples: pencils, cups, tee shirts with our name on them

Other Business:

  • We need to modify the recruit’s info sheet to collect the parents’ phone numbers as well as the kids’
  • Also need to collect email addresses for the parents
  • The $250 band camp incentive will be put in the recruiting letter

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

March 2009

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
March 18, 2009
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  7:05 PM

Band Director’s Report:

  • The field is never available to us during Thursday rehearsals in the fall because football games are held at that time
  • We’ll take advantage of this and perform in the stands
  • Later we’ll march during halftime
  • This will be a great recruiting tool
  • It should also stimulate parental involvement as parents may want to come to see their kids perform
  • Brian will be recruiting at the schools after the spring break
  • He will print flyers for this
  • Band camp this summer will be home only, no sleep-away
  • The band received a $8700 budget cut from DPS
  • Brian will be protesting this so maybe it will be less
  • We’ll have two rehearsals per week in April, but just one in May, due to budget cut
  • We will need a phone tree to remind kids to return to practice on March 30th
  • By April 22nd we’ll play for the DPS Foundation
  • There will be a maximum of 30 kids for this
  • DPS Foundation bought our uniforms and donated $1000
  • We will host The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps band camp this year
  • It will be April 17, 18 and 19th
  • We were not able to use South High for this so it will be at the Montbello HS gym
  • There will be 75 – 100 students in attendance
  • As a result of hosting The Troopers, Brian will be getting Ralph Hardimon to hold a free drum clinic for our kids in May or August
  • Hardimon usually gets $2500 for this
  • New busses have been added for Kepner, Hamilton and Henry Middle Schools

Financial Report:

  • A $10,000 CD matures on April 16
  • It only pays 1.08% interest
  • We’ll cash it in and put it in a checking account with a higher interest rate
  • Hopefully we can get 5-6%

New Recruit Folders:

  • Rie has folders with band stickers to be used for new recruits
  • One side will be for students and one side for parents
  • There will be a card to collect student information that they’ll fill out right away and hand in
  • Contents will also include:
  • An introductory letter from the Band Director
  • An introductory letter about the Parent Corporation
  • Band fee information
  • A flyer about the band banquet
  • A flyer with the web site address
  • A tentative schedule
  • Brian will have this printed by DPS at 900 Grant
  • All this information will also be mirrored on the web site
  • Rie will have this done by March 30th

Annual Banquet:

  • Washington Park United Methodist Church has been reserved for April 26
  • They are located at 1955 East Arizona Ave.
  • Students eat free
  • Friends and family will pay $5:00
  • Students can invite whatever friends they want to
  • Invitations will be mailed by the end of March
  • RSVP cutoff will be April 19th
  • Menu will be pasta and red sauce
  • Rie will get salad, bread and cake
  • There will be a slide show for entertainment
  • Brian will work on awards
  • Suggestions for awards included:
  • Best in section
  • Best Section Leader
  • Best attendance
  • Best by class
  • The awards will be plaques rather than statues
  • The students will also be awarded their letters
  • This consists of a music stand pin or a bar for those that have already lettered

Other Business:

  • We discussed improving communication
  • This should include a phone tree
  • Chris looked into using the DPS automated phone system and found it would not work for us
  • We discussed having patches made for the students to sew on their letter jackets
  • These would say “Denver Citywide Marching Band” and have the logo
  • There could be a space for the year, “1st Year”, 2nd Year”, etc.
  • Rie suggested a round patch so smaller, arc shaped patches with the year could form a border around it
  • We could make 1st through 4th year patches and worry about 5th year when the time comes
  • Rie will talk to our T-shirt maker about having the patches made
  • Brian wants to have us sell swag at the Thursday football games this fall
  • Jerry asked about Leadership Camp, said Parent Corp would pay for it
  • Brian said there is one at Regis University
  • Brian will look into sending some kids there
  • Rie will look into the cost of doing a recruiting mailing to all DPS music students by mid April
  • Brian will collect the names
  • These letters should look good and have a professional feel

Next Meeting:

  • There will be no meeting in April because of the Banquet
  • The next meeting will be May 21st
Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM
February 2009

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
February 19, 2009
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  7:05 PM

Parade of Lights:

  • Bill Light showed us a single string of LED lights as an example of what we could use to replace the current lights
  • He bought them from a company on the internet and will look into the quantity cost

Band Director’s Report:

  • Brian was not in attendance so Rie read from an email he sent
  • Transportation costs have risen from $185 per practice two years ago, to $340
  • Parent Corp will need to step up its’ fundraising to help with show costs, etc.
  • Most of the budget now will go for transportation
  • Band  recruitment is going well
  • Banquet should be in late April or early May so we will have been back in rehearsal
  • It’s looking like there will be no sleep-away band camp this summer
  • Rie said we could wait to book Steamboat as we need at least 20 students
  • Practice resumes March 30th


  • Rie passed out current financial statements
  • The Parade of Lights paid a $1000 honorarium
  • We’ll use that to purchase LED lights to decorate the uniforms at future parades
  • Some bingo checks that had bounced were finally being paid so bingo showed income

Other Business:

  • Rie suggested we inform kids about the Great American Marching Band
  • This is a national group that does a one-time performance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Annual Banquet:

  • Banquet will be held at Washington Park United Methodist Church
  • The church has two stoves
  • Cost for church is $125 per night
  • Rie will book for Sunday, April 26th
  • Bill Light will get food
  • We will serve spaghetti, salad and garlic bread
  • Dessert will be sheet cakes from Costco
  • We will plan for 80-100 people
  • Parent Corp pays for all band members
  • Parents and non-band members will pay $5.00 each
  • Bill knows a guy who wholesales plaques and will get the awards
  • Rie will find someone to do a slide show
  • She’ll send out an email to collect the pictures
  • For further entertainment Rie suggested we get some kids to put on a skit
  • This could be a parody of a band practice


  • Since parent participation is currently low we need to stick to smaller events
  • These include Cherry Creek Art Festival, Peoples Fair, Taste of Colorado and Cinco de Mayo
  • All these allow non-profit organizations to run booths
  • Booths that sell alcoholic beverages make more money because of tips, but the kids can’t work these
  • The Art Festival wasn’t very good last time
  • Jerry prefers the Peoples Fair
  • We’ll need to sign up for the Peoples Fair soon
  • This goes for three days, Fri., Sat. and Sun
  • Last time we did two shifts per day
  • If we get enough volunteers we can get two booths, one with alcohol and one without
  • We’ll do a survey from the email list to find out
  • Rockies games are too big a commitment
  • There are 85 games and all kids must be 16 or older
  • Broncos games are a ten game commitment, including some Monday nights
  • Nacho, the former Bingo director, will come to the next meeting to talk about Bingo
  • Bingo takes a crew of 10 volunteers, 4 adults and 6 kids
  • There is a Bingo parlor we can use at Federal and Alameda
  • We need to find another non-profit organization to split the bingo dates with to lessen our commitment to a realistic level
  • Preferably this would be a non-profit that is already doing bingo so it would be their responsibility rather than ours
  • We should sell our old Christmas lights and batteries on Craig’s List
  • Maybe sell the old Band uniforms as well

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be March 18th.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM
January 2009

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
January 15, 2009
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  6:53pm (after putting uniforms away in band room)


  • The Parade of Lights paid a $1000 honorarium
  • We’ll use that to purchase LED lights to decorate the uniforms at future parades
  • Rie estimated we would need two light sets each for 75 students at a cost of about $600
  • Rie passed out end of year financial statements
  • We have a $10,000 CD that matures in April
  • Rie suggested using it as principle to generate income for a yearly Senior scholarship
  • This would be around $250 and help maintain interest in the band


  • The only fundraising we did was cookie dough sales
  • 100% of this went into students’ accounts
  • Normally the students get 80% and the band gets 20% of fundraising proceeds
  • If the band continues to grow we’ll look at starting bingo again
  • Bingo has always been our most lucrative fundraising activity
  • It takes 10 – 13 volunteers to staff each bingo session
  • 5 – 6 need to be adults and the rest can be students
  • We need to try to arrange to do bingo bi-weekly rather than weekly
  • We should find another non-profit organization to alternate weeks with
  • Bingo proceeds are subject to legal restrictions as to their use
  • They must be used for “the good of the band”, rather than for individuals
  • This includes fees, band camp, and trips where every member attends
  • Another potential fundraiser is baseball games at Coors Field
  • This would be a lemonade stand and require 4-6 volunteers
  • Rie will find out what’s available by the next meeting

Band Director’s Report

  • The January 14th snowboarding trip was a great success
  • The kids all had fun and have sore butts from all the falling
  • We will be hosting the Rocky Mountain Competitive Percussion
  • This will be around the 28th of February
  • We pay $200 to host
  • We should gross around $1000 in ticket sales and concessions
  • There is a possible conflict with the Citywide Honor Band performance on Feb. 28th
  • The band is no longer eligible to compete in Novice Class and will now be Class A
  • Other upcoming events are the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Cinco De Mayo on channel 2
  • Band camp this year will include daily “home camps” at South High
  • Sleep away band camp will be at Steamboat Springs
  • Cost for steamboat will be $350
  • Brian is waiting to find out when Steamboat is available
  • Brian will be spending the month of June at the University of Guadalajara
  • He’ll be learning Spanish to help communicate with the Spanish speaking parents
  • Brian is looking into attending the Holiday Bowl in Miami or the Orange Bowl in San Diego for next year
  • There should be plenty of time to fund raise for this
  • The band now has 64 students on the books
  • It’s gone from 14 to 64 members in two years
  • Brian personally recruiting at various schools has helped with this
  • Brian will be holding auditions for student leadership positions
  • This includes Drum Majors, Section leaders, etc.
  • He’ll inform us of the dates later

Other Business:

  • Jerry suggested to Brian to pester kids to get their parents to come to the Parent Corp meetings, participate in fundraising, etc.
  • Judith Mamet suggested that email be used to remind parents about meetings
  • Another parent suggested we might make use of the DPS automated phone notification system
  • Judith mentioned that the website contains outdated and conflicting information
  • The Band Handbook needs to be updated
  • More clear information needs to be provided for new band members, especially regarding the various forms that need to be filled out
  • It was suggested we get a booth at the Citywide Honor Band Event for recruiting
  • Brian can also make a recruiting speech there
  • We can also get the names of the Honor Band participants to contact for recruiting

Music in Motion:

  • Music in Motion has been a traditional Spring recruiting drive
  • Middle school students are brought in on a school day to learn marching and learn about the band
  • Rie is not sure this has been very effective
  • Brian feels his recruiting at the schools has been more effective.

Annual Banquet:

  • Last year we did not have the annual banquet.
  • We should do it again this year on April 28th around 5 PM
  • Parent Corp pays for all band members
  • Parents and other family members pay a nominal fee
  • Students receive their sports letters at the banquet
  • Brian suggested we find a location where we could cook and seat 100 -125
  • The Methodist church near South high is a potential location
  • Another is Park hill Golf Course

Parent Corp Business:

  • We need new officers
  • There are five positions, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Quartermaster
  • We need to recruit more parents to come to the next couple of meetings
  • We need a more solid contact list for students
  • Officers need to be in place by March so Rie can help train them in April and May

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be February 19th.
Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM
November 2008

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
November 19, 2008
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  6:30pm


  • We were happy to welcome several new attendees to the DCMBPC.
  • There were 15 adults and several students in attendance.
  • Introductions were made and attendance sheet signed.
  • Rie informed the new members about the band web site and the address

Band Director’s Report:

  • Brian was not in attendance for this meeting. Meetings are being moved to Thursdays to accommodate him since he currently has other obligations on Wednesdays.


  • Rie discussed the current financial statements.
  • The Parent Corp has $10,000 in a CD collecting interest.
  • Other accounts earn a bit of interest as well.
  • The negative income is due to us not doing any fundraising.
  • Several seniors left last year with outstanding balances, causing a loss.
  • Rie said we need to be more on top of this to prevent it in the future.


  • We have enough money to currently not need fundraising.
  • 80% of fundraising normally goes to the student, 20% to the band.
  • Most of the money we have is from five years of Bingo.
  • Local bingo parlors have been going under, so Bingo is probably no longer an option.
  • Coors Amphitheater is still a good, open option.
  •  A booth at the Rockies games is also available to us.
  • If we start fundraising this spring the students can raise enough money to finance a $1000 Florida trip the following spring.

Parade of Lights:

  • Two nights, Friday, December 5th and Saturday the 6th.
  • Busses will pick up students at schools on Friday starting at 3:00, Saturday at 2:30.
  • Students providing their own transportation need to be to South on Friday by 4:00, Saturday by 3:30.
  • Students should be back at South by 9:30-10:00 on Friday, 9:00-9:30 Saturday.
  • Rie did not know if there will be busses to return students to schools, will check this out and have Chris post it on the web site.
  • DCMBPC will provide dinner on Friday only.
  • Dinner will be big sandwiches from King Soopers, chips and a crock pot of chili.
  • DCMBPC will also provide hot chocolate and cookies downtown after the parade.
  • Rie will make a big supply run on Saturday, the week before the parade.
  • Several parents volunteered to help with that.
  • Before the parade, at South, a parent volunteer crew will pull uniforms for the students.
  • Once the students are dressed, we will tie on metallic capes and drape them with battery powered light strings.
  • Lights will not be attached to uniforms to avoid damage.
  • The students will need to bring black socks and a black belt to attach the battery pack to.
  • Rie has purchased red and green glow necklaces to put on hats, or around necks.
  • Rie asked for parent volunteers and passed out signup sheets with good response.
  • Depending on how many busses we have, we may need cars to haul drum equipment.
  • We’ll need three parents to march with students carrying water, first aid kit and spare batteries.
  • Parents marching should wear black pants and black or red jackets.
  • One parent or student will make sure all drummers bring their sticks and harnesses.
  • Friday night requires the most volunteers, Saturday we could make do with less.
  • Parent volunteers should be at South by 4:00 Friday, 3:30 Saturday.
  • If we have two busses, we may have room for parents to ride downtown.
  • Band members will form a phone tree to make sure everyone shows up both days.
  • After parade on Friday we will hang uniforms along with capes and lights to expedite dressing on Saturday.
  • After parade on Saturday everyone is too tired to properly store uniforms.
  • We’ll need a couple of parent volunteers to put away uniforms the following week.
  • Rie handed out release forms for the parade’s TV coverage.
  • Rie made some suggestions as to how students can dress for the cold.
  • We supply white cotton gloves, but disposable hand warmers are recommended.
  • Sweatpants and long sleeved t-shirts can be worn under the uniforms.

Parent Corp Business:

  • Band and Parent Corp is in a rebuilding phase.
  • It was down to 14 students and 3 parents at one point.
  • We now have over 50 students and parent involvement is improving as well.
  • Meetings are being changed from the 3rd Wednesday of each month to the 3rd Thursday.
  • There will be no December meeting , the next meeting is January 15th.
  • At this meeting we will need to elect new officers.
  • Rie will be resigning as President/Vice President but will stay on as Treasurer until things get going again.
  • Karen suggested that at the January meeting we discuss having the meetings on Mondays rather that Thursdays, as Thursdays don’t work for her.

Presidential Inauguration:

  • East High drum line director Jocelyn Miller introduced herself.
  • She is trying to arrange participation in some type of inaugural event this January for her drum line, and would like DCMB to participate as well.
  • This might involve a trip to DC, or be at a local event.
  • She has been in contact with Brian about this and will continue to work with him.

Band fees:

  • Rie explained the band fees to the new parents.
  • $25 covers rent of shoes and uniforms.
  • Shoes may also be purchased for $30.
  • Checks should be made out to DCMB
  • Fees are yearly from July 1st.
  • The fees finance us to continue to buy new shoes.
  • New uniforms are down the road and cost $350
  • Parent Corp also helps pay for band camp in July and August.
  • Parent Corp pays for the end of year banquet.
  • Parent Corp pays for the recruiting drive, music in Motion.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be January 15th.
  • Jerry asked all parents and students try to recruit other parents and students to come to meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM


October 2008

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
October 15, 2008
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  6:30pm

  • We were happy to welcome several new attendees to the DCMBPC.

Band Director’s Report:

  • Brian was not in attendance for this meeting; however, Rie mentioned that there are currently about 36 members in the band. We are growing.


  • Rie passed out copies of the current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement.
  • The Profit & Loss shows a negative income of  $1,791.85 because we have not been doing any fundraising.
  • We have not needed fundraising as the account looks good right now with a total equity of 21,936.40


  • The bingo hall where we used to hold our bingo sessions has shut down so we will probably not be doing bingo in the future.
  • We need to get rid of some left over bingo merchandise we now have.
  • Rie will put together a flyer to post at bingo halls to try to sell this stuff.
  • The cookie dough fundraiser earned $610 profit.
  • 100% of this profit will go into the students’ individual accounts.
  • Rie explained to the newcomers that normally the DCMBPC would have taken 20% of this.
  • This money is used, among other things, to buy water and snacks for the students at events, and to feed them meals.
  • The Parent Corp also supplies the uniforms and shoes for the color guard.
  • Delivery of the cookie dough will be Monday, October 20th.
  • Rie will call over the weekend to remind those who have orders to pick up.
  • We need 6 people to work the Broncos game on November 2
  • There is no alcohol served so volunteers don’t need TIPS training.
  • Broncos Games are a flat $60
  • The band takes $12 and $48 goes into the student’s account.
  • Future Broncos home games are 11/2/08, 11/23/08, 12/7/08 and 12/21/08.
  • Coors Amphitheater was desperate for us last summer but we didn’t have enough volunteers to cover it.
  • We’ll try to pick this up for next summer.
  • These events serve alcohol so TIPS training is necessary.
  • These events are not a flat rate. We take either profit or loss, depending on how we do.
  • We would need to increase the DCMBPC’s insurance to cover the increased liability of serving alcohol.

DU Homecoming Parade:

  • Parade is on Friday, October 24th at 3:00 PM
  • Busses will pick up students at the schools beginning at 11:00 AM
  • Busses will return students to the schools afterward, or parents can pick them up at South
  • Parents will need to notify the schools in advance of the early dismissal with notes.
  • Rie asked for a couple of volunteers to be at the stadium at 12:30 to pass out uniforms.
  • Chris said he will be there and Rie is going to try to line up someone else as well.
  • We will be using checklists for both the uniforms and the drum equipment.

Veteran’s Day Football Game:

  • We will not be marching in the Veteran’s Day Parade this year.
  • Instead, on Saturday November 8th we will be going to a football game at CSU in Fort Collins.
  • The band will be participating in the halftime show by dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  • This is an attempt to set a record for the Guinness Book; most people dancing to Thriller.
  • We will not be performing and not be bringing instruments or uniforms.
  • There will be busses to take us from South to Fort Collins.
  • CSU is providing tickets and lunch for the students.

Parade of Lights:

  • Two nights, December 5th and 6th.
  • Busses will pick up students at schools on Friday.
  • Parents provide transportation to South on Saturday by 4PM.
  • We’ll probably be finished at around 10PM
  • DCMBPC will provide dinner which will not be pizza this time.
  • DCMBPC will also provide hot chocolate and cookies.
  • We are trying to design vests to hold the lights for the uniforms.
  • Carol suggested glow necklaces which could be placed on hats, arms, and put together to go around waists.

Disney World:

  • The Disney World trip will have to be cancelled.
  • We only had 9 deposits so far and needed 40.
  • Those who put in deposits will get refunds.
  • Rie will talk to Brian to see if anything can be done to save it.
  • Perhaps it could be postponed until May or June.
  • One of the members mentioned that her church group has an event in Florida this August. She suggested that by combining our trip with a group like hers, we could more easily meet the travel agency’s requirement of 40 people, and both groups would benefit.

Officer Recruitment:

  • DCMBPC will be needing new officers.
  • Rie is currently doing the job of both President and Treasurer and her daughter Christine is graduating this spring.
  • DCMBPC bylaws state that officers must have a student in the band.


  • Brian will be taking the students snowboarding a couple of times this winter.
  • Rie will check with him for details.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting will be November 19th
  • It will be held in the South high band Room since the conference room is booked by someone else.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM


January 2008

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
January 16, 2008
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger
Called to order:  6:30pm

Band Director’s Report:

  • Brian’s been busy recruiting. There are now 45 high school students in the band, including 6 trumpet players.  The guard is growing too.

Music In Motion:

  • Scheduled for Feb. 26th at Manual High.
  • All DCMB students must attend.
  • Middle school students’ busses will arrive at Manual HS between 12 and 1 PM. They will already have eaten so we won’t need to feed them lunch.
  • Rie suggested promoting student leadership as one of the benefits of DCMB membership.
  • Rie suggested we form two committees of one or two people each. One committee will handle parent recruiting and the other will handle the food service.
  • Dinner will be served around 5:00pm and will be complimentary for recruits, band members and staff. Cost for others was not discussed.
  • Alma ordered 500 logo pencils to give away. She also ordered bumper stickers to place on pocket folders.
  • Old band merchandise will be giving away as door prizes. Band jackets with the old logo will be gifts for the departing seniors.
  • Concert will be at 7:00pm and last 30 to 45 minutes. Brian will give a talk first then individually feature the parts of the band.
  • Brian will look into whether or not we’ll need to fill out any form for holding an outside event in the school cafeteria.
  • Chris was asked to create a form on the website where people can make reservations for Music in Motion. He said he would make a form that collects email addresses and phone numbers so the reservations can be confirmed.


  • Funds are where they were at the last meeting.
  • Because we made less than $25k we won’t need to file with the IRS.  Rie will email Chris the end of year statement for posting on the web site.
  • Rie will check students who haven’t bought shoes and collect deposits from them. In the future we’ll need a larger volunteer force before events to hand out shoes, gloves, etc.  Students will have to sign these items out, and then back in again


  • We had three options for holding bingo and all had to be declined for lack of an adequate amount of volunteers. Maybe we’ll be able to pick up bingo again after Feb. 26th if Music in Motion is successful.
  • The next fundraiser will be the Peoples’ Fair

Blossom Festival:

  • Rie mentioned that because there are no pending fundraisers between now and the Blossom Festival, there is no opportunity for parents and students to raise money to pay for it. Therefore she is reluctant to book a trip that would cost $175 per student.
  • We may just go up to march in the parade and return the same day. This would be possible since the parade doesn’t start until 1 PM.

Conference Room/Adjournment:

  • Some other group showed up and informed us that they had reserved the conference room we were using for 7 PM that night. We decided we needed to look into making sure that we had a standing reservation then adjourned our meeting early at 6:59.


December 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
December 19th, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:35pm

 Band Director’s Report:

  • No report – Mr. Jordan was not present due to a meeting conflict.

Music In Motion:

  • Scheduled for Feb. 26th at Manual High in the Thunderdome to recruit 8th grade students.
  • Reviewed poster e-mailed by Mr. Jordan.  Concert is planned for 7pm.
  • Rie will e-mail Mr. Jordan re:  lunch/dinner plans for that day.  Possibly cater dinner?
  • Alma & Rie will checkout bids for pencils & bumper stickers for on hand folders.
  • Important to pull in new parents.  Have them sign-in as they come to concert getting pertinent information. Kathie will handle sign-ins.
  • Important part of concert would be announcement that DCMB cannot exist without parent support i.e. on the parent corps board, at meetings & at performances.
  • Suggestion to use old t-shirts as give aways.


  • Balance sheet shows total banking assets of $24,768.96 as of 12/18/07.
  • Large accounts receivable negative of $4114.65 due to students with big bingo balances.
  • Quite a few students still owe band fees.
  • Cancelled Pueblo bus fee of $1874. still needs to be refunded.
  • First 6 months of ’07 Bingo not as profitable as past years showing only $1579.75 vs. a typical year of $2500.


  • Rie will recruit students for the last Bronco game.
  • Stock show runs Jan 13th – 21st &  2 or 3 band members could work evenings.

Bingo Update:

  • To begin again in January at the old Bingo City hall the only times available were weeknight evenings – an unacceptable time.  Research has not yet provided a new location.
  • Rie will call about sending in the license renewal since it requires a location be listed. 


  • May Trip to Canon City:  Kids are not making money to pay for trip so no hotel reservations have been made.
  • Steamboat Springs Summer Away Camp:   Reservations have not yet been made.  Students must pre-pay for camp.
  • It was suggested that if there are enough, the old black silk jackets would be good presents for the departing seniors.  Jackets can be personalized/embroidered with each student’s name by the band or the student.


  • A proposal was made that band members would no longer buy their shoes, but rent them instead.  The shoes would not go home with the students, but stay with uniforms.
  • This would reduce the band fee to the standard DPS athletic fee of $60. with a shoe rental deposit fee of an additional $25.  At the end of the year $20. of the $25. deposit would be returned.  $5. of the deposit would be kept to sanitize the shoes.  The option to buy shoes would remain at $40.
  • Students would need to sign for uniform, hat, shoes, etc.

Parent Corps Officer Elections:

  • Current officers are serving their 2nd year & elections need to be held in April or May.
  • Concern was expressed about filling officer positions.

Meeting adjourned

October 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
Oct. 17th, 2007
Minutes taken by Chris Metzger

Treasurer’s Report:
The financial news from last month was the transfer of all the banking accounts to Wells Fargo.  The operating account has $2,358.; the trip, $2,134.; the bingo operating account $11,300; and the bingo savings account $6,000.

Director’s Report:
Mr. Jordan was not able to attend, but one of his staff members, Justin Cannady, percussion director was in attendance.


  • Broncos Games have been successful, picking up new members and students as volunteers.  Last Bronco game will be Dec 30th.
  • Rie is currently looking into working the World Series games.
  • Bingo resumes in January and we still have the same every other Sunday slot.

Spring trip:

  • 70th annual Canon City Blossom Festival – Saturday, May 3rd.
    • There is no field show – strictly marching.
    • There are also performances by concert bands and orchestras.
    • If we stay over night Friday, May 2nd, cost would be $125 - $150.  Adding a stay Sat. night would bring cost to $200 to $225.
    • If we can’t get rooms in Canon City, Pueblo is only ½ hour drive.
    • If we plan to stay Sat. night, we need to find an activity in the area for Sun. We need to ask the kids what sort of things they would like.

Upcoming Performances:

  • Montbello vs. Legacy football game - Saturday, Oct. 20th.
    • Students to be at All City Field by 11am.
    • We need to have 2 volunteers to help with uniforms.
  • Lincoln vs. Kennedy football game – Friday, Nov. 2nd.
    • Montbello bus leaves at 5pm, other students be at All City at 5pm.
  • Veteran’s Day Parade – Saturday, Nov. 10th.
    • Montbello bus leaves at 6:45am, other students be at All City at 7am.
  • We need volunteers to help with uniforms before the Lincoln game and Veteran’s Day parade.
  • Parade of Lights will be Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 – times to be announced later.
  • All this performance info is currently on the web site.

Band Credit:
Sharon’s student was mistakenly signed up to receive music credit rather than PE and she wanted to know who to talk to about that. The Band staff member said that would be Scott Springer, at, 720 423-6801. Scott is said to be more responsive to email, vs. phone.

Athletic Stickers:
Since band fee is for an extracurricular athletic activity, it qualifies student for these stickers to get into games free. The band fee, however, is the only fee of this type not collected by DPS; therefore payment will need to be verified with the student’s school treasurer.


  • Music in Motion has no dates set yet, but Brian is currently working on it.
  • Rie said she would place ads for the band in the High School newspapers.
  • Alma is going to look into making bumper stickers with the “note logo”, which say Denver Citywide Marching Band and give the website URL.
  • DPS has been working on posters to hang in the band rooms but has not printed them. Rie is going to look into getting the artwork from them so we can print them ourselves.
  • Alma suggested placing radio ads and she has already done this on some Spanish stations.  This should be free as a public service announcement. We need to talk to the kids to find out what stations they listen to.
  • Television ads were also suggested.
  • The Justin said that by far the best recruitment is word of mouth/peer pressure from the band students recruiting their friends. Also, it’s important to get the support of the band directors.

Parade of Lights:

  • The band will be playing “Let it Snow.”
  • They won’t be using the fiber optic plumes this year since they weren’t bright enough to be visible under the streetlights. They also probably won’t wear the capes because the kids all hated them.
  • Rie will see what we have in storage, and try to come up with some new costume ideas and present them, with cost, at the next meeting.
  • Everyone needs to think up costume ideas, the kids will be asked at the next rehearsal.  Chris was asked to post a request for costume ideas on the website


  • Chris brought up a previous suggestion by Sharon about simplifying the website URL.
    • It was agreed to change it to
    • The URL is only available for an unrealistic price of $1500.
    • The previous URLs of and will be retained until they expire in late February, ‘08, and will be set to automatically redirect to the new URL throughout this period, allowing users time to update their bookmarks, and allowing search engines time to reflect the change.

Meeting adjourned 7:10


September 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
Sept. 19, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:55pm

Band Director’s Report:

  • After talking to past Band Directors & Officers, Mr. Jordan is looking to reinstitute Music in Motion where middle schoolers are bussed in to observe/participate in a marching band day. 
    • Possibly do two this year – ½ the district each time.
    • Mr. Jordan will talk to Scott Springer to set dates around end of Oct.
  • Our first parade, the Colorado State 'Parade of Honor' was on Sept. 15th in downtown Denver & went well. The band looked and sounded good.
  • The Veteran’s Day Parade is scheduled for Sat., Nov. 10th.  Band members should be at South by 7am.
  • The Band needs two parent volunteers before & after each event to act as uniform Quartermasters.  Kathie will e-mail Chris to have him put the request on the website.
  • Trying to get Tohbias Juniel to come on board with percussion.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • We are in the process of changing from US Bank to Wells Fargo Bank due to poor service from US Bank.
  • The Band is in good financial shape.
    • The Operating Account is at $1,286.13. & will increase by $1874. when we receive the bus refund for the cancelled Pueblo trip.
    • We have been reimbursed by DPS.
    • There is $1958. in accounts receivable owed to the band by students for Steamboat Camp.  Everyone is working to pay off their debt.
    • The Bingo account is high because we need to keep $6,500. on hand for each bingo week.

Trips for Spring/Seniors:

  • Canyon City Blossom Festival was suggested as the Spring/Senior Trip. It is usually scheduled for the first week in May
    • Possibly go down Fri. night & return either Sat. or Sun.
    • Rie will reserve motel rooms now & do more research.
  • Mr. Jordan has been talking to Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS) to get whole band up snowboarding.
    • SOS is based out of Vail & provides equipment & lifts for free.
    • Band would need to pay for lunch & bus.
    • Looking at dates in Feb., March or April

Bronco Game Fundraising:

  • Need volunteers to work lemonade/slushy/hot chocolate carts at Bronco games.  Kathie will call Chris to put on website.
    • Need to talk it up with band kids to recruit more to work the carts.
    • Light rail works well as transportation to games.

Baker Middle School Band’s New Location?

  • Mr. Jordan is waiting for the principal’s approval to make Baker Middle School the band’s new home base.
    • The band would be able to use music room, gym & field for a more year round program.
    • It would also provide a more stable & safe environment for uniforms & equipment.

Athletic Stickers:

  • Marching Band members are entitled to athletic stickers that will get them into athletic games for free.
  • Rie can give out a receipt since band fee is an athletic fee.

Meeting Adjourned

August 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
Aug. 15, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:40pm

Welcome – Alma Ramirez

Band Director’s Report:

  • No report - Mr. Jordan was not present.

Bronco Cart Information:

  • We were asked to provide 10 people each for 10 games on Sundays, Mondays or Thursdays with shifts of 6 to 7 hours.
  • For each band person working the band would receive $10. & $50. would go into the band member’s account.
  • Workers must be 16 or older, wear long black pants & closed toed shoes.  Management provides a shirt that must be tucked in.
  • The Parent Corp agreed to commit to six people per game not 10.  Rie will follow up.

Bingo Update:

  • Checking account year-to-date is sitting at $17,151.
  • Year-to-date profits are approximately $4500.
  • Bingo will start up again in mid January.

Treasurer’s Update:

  • The general accounting fund is down to approximately $3,000. which is to be expected.
  • Steamboat expenses ran us about $7,000.

Booth Updates:

  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival - Operating the soda & water booth earned the band a total of $432. or approximately $15. per person/per shift for their band accounts.
  • Capitol Hill Peoples Fair – did better with fewer days.  The band earned over $500. or approximately $21. per person/per shift.

Parade & Field Show Update:

  • At the July Parent Corp meeting it was announced that the trip to the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo had been cancelled.  This year will be a rebuilding/practice year & the band will do parades, but no field shows.
  • Parades scheduled to date:  Veteran’s Day & Parade of Lights
  • Mr. Jordan also wants the band to perform at DPS games & homecomings.

Practice Update:

  • Practice begins on Thurs., Aug. 23rd from 4 – 6:30pm & will continue on both Mondays & Thursdays from then on.
  • We will be using the small amount that DPS has budgeted for the band for the twice weekly bus pickups.

Donations Letter:

  • Alma asked those present to review a letter requesting donations.
  • Letter could be sent out to Denver Public Schools Foundation, music stores, auto dealerships, etc.
  • After review & revision the letters will go out in September.

Recruiting Posters:

  • DPS took the pictures last year, but never made the posters.
  • We could use Bingo dollars to mock up & print our own posters.

T-Shirts & Shoes:

  • We still need to order both t-shirts & shoes.
  • Kids voted on black tees.

Day Camp Update:

  • 22 kids are attending the last week of day camp.  Camp was cancelled today, Wednesday, as no busses were available.

Grades & Transcript Credits:

  • Each student must check with their own school registrar to have them input the course number.


  • To improve communications & send out Parent Corp meeting reminders Kathie requested a list of e-mail addresses.  Rie will get info from forms & pass along.

Bus Information:

  • It was requested that bus information be posted on the website.

Next Meeting:

  • 6:30pm, Wednesday, September 19th, 2007.

June 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
June 20, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:45pm

Welcome – Alma Ramirez

Band Director’s Report:

  • No report - Mr. Jordan is in Europe.

Band Camp Information:

  • 1st Day Camp (6/4 - 6/8) went pretty well with about 25 members attending daily.
    • Alma Ramirez & Chris Metzger provided Parent Corp supervision on a daily basis.
    • Some DPS bus problems were experienced, but should hopefully be ironed out for the last Band Day Camp (Mon. – Fri., 8/13 – 8/17).
    • Alma purchased food each day for those students who did not bring lunch.
  • Steamboat Springs Camp (Mon. – Fri., 7/23 – 7/27) has approximated 15 members signed up.
    • Rie has spoken to Steamboat & they require 25 total attendees to open the dining room, however they will allow us to reduce reserved rooms to only 15 without a penalty.
    • Band camp count will include Mr. Jordan & Mr. Johnson and we will need two women as chaperones.  This means we need at least 5 more students to signup.
    • Rie has setup the bus transportation & it should be large enough that a separate truck for equipment will not be needed.  A car will need to be driven up to Steamboat to be available in case of emergencies.
    • Rie will call Steamboat & decrease the number of rooms to 15, however we will have to cancel if the additional 5 students are not signed up.
    • Band members will be contacted by Alma & Nacho to get more Steamboat signups.
    • Date correction.  Steamboat will end on Fri., 7/27, not Sat. as previously stated.


  • Bingo signup is being affected by the lack of Steamboat Band Camp numbers.
  • To increase Bingo signup we need to change how Bingo band member money is used.  We plan to allow band members to use 4 Bingo sessions ($120.) for the State Fair in Pueblo.
  • Question?  Can band member registration fees be paid for with Bingo money?
  • Nacho got a copy of the Bingo license to Ruben & needs to check on the yearly Bingo contract.


  • The band needs more volunteers for our booth at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival scheduled for Fri. – Sat., 7/6 – 7/8.
  • The Arts Festival requires that Booth & Financial Supervisors attend a scheduled training on Wed., 6/27 at 6pm.
  • We have a good Pepsi booth site across from a beer booth & will be serving from bottles into cups we fill with ice.  We need to offer good customer service & not give anything away for free.
  • We receive less of a percentage of sales from the Arts Festival than we did from the People’s Fair.  It will take at least six weeks to process the check.


  • A DCMB link is on the DPS website, but a Google search brings up an old website – Chris will look into the problem.
  • Chris will also look into the confusion from our current website name:  dcmbparentcorp.  People do not know that the Parent Corp is the support organization of DCMB.

Drums Along the Rockies:

  • Steamboat Camp will be ending a day early so that band members may attend Drums Along the Rockies.
  • Rie will follow up to see if we can get the DCMB name announced & up on the scoreboard.

Colorado State Fair in Pueblo:

  • Scheduled for Fri. & Sat., 8/24 & 8/25.
  • Hotel & bus reservations have been made by Rie.
  • Alma has received the application & will send it in.

Old Business:

  • Rie spoke to Karen Simms & e-mailed Maruca Salazar concerning several years lack of posted grades for DCMB students.
  • There will be no penalty for band students unable to participate in band at their current school.  The band handbook needs to be revised in this & several other areas.
  • Rie will be contacting Maruca Salazar concerning the 3 drums & drum cases the old directors still have in their possession.

Next Meeting:  Wed., July 18th, 6:30 pm at South Stadium. 

May 29, 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
May 29, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:45pm

Welcome – Alma Ramirez

Band Director’s Report – Brian K. Jordan:

  • DPS bus dispatch mistakenly cancelled busses for the last Thursday practice of this school year.  Mr. Jordan had no choice, but to cancel practice despite expecting 15 new kids & planning to present new music.
  • Mr. Jordan states that DCMB membership is now over 50 of which 12 are guard.
  • The fact that the Montbello drum line is now the official drum line of the Nuggets should not interfere with DCMB performances.
  • Mr. Jordan played some of the new music he has written for the band.
  • Alma has put together a phone tree Phone List, but it is missing most of the guard.
  • The band does not yet have a pit crew.
  • Performance schedule discussed:
    • Mr. Jordan would like to do 3 or 4 parades.  The more in town, the better.
    • Pueblo State Fair (Aug. 24 & 25) - scheduled to be the band’s first parade & field show.   Transportation & rooms are being arranged & Mr. Jordan will take of the application.
    • Fireman’s Parade (Sept. 15) – Mr. Jordan has already submitted the application, more info to come.
    • CU Band Day/Field Show (Oct. 6th) – is a possibility.
    • Littleton Friendship Cup/Field Show (date?) – is also a possibility.
    • Parade of Lights (1st or 2nd weekend in Dec.) – marching both nights is a DCMB tradition.
    • Cinquo de Mayo Parade (May ?) – is another possibility.
  • Shapes (which will lay flat) will be incorporated into the field shows as sets for band to march around.
  • Alex Munoz our guard instructor will be gone for the summer – a sub will be found.
  • No program assistant has been/or will be hired since the past two band directors are still being contractually paid by DPS.  The past directors still have some equipment including 3 snare drums & a case totaling about $6,000.
  • Grades will not be given unless students are on DPS marching band class roster.

Marching Band Camps:

  • Everything is in order for the 1st day camp scheduled to begin on Mon., June 4th.
  • Alma is working hard to revamp the DCMB handbook & forms.
  • Mr. Jordan asked about canceling Steamboat band camp, but a non-refundable deposit is holding our reservations.  Actual return date from Steamboat is July 28th.  That is also the date for Drums Along the Rockies.
  • At band camp Mr. Jordan plans to put students into leadership roles:  Drum Major, Section Leaders, Secretary, Quartermaster.

Fundraising Opportunities – Jerry Anderson:

  • Still need more booth volunteers for both the Capitol Hill People’s Fair & Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  Information was passed out a band practice.  Jerry is considering canceling one or both.
  • Mr. Jordan did not know Jerry was having recruiting problems.  He stated he would drive to student homes if that’s what it takes to get more volunteers.
  • Jerry asked for more money making ideas.  Band members present suggested another car wash.
  • Mr. Jordan asked that all band e-mails & information be CC’d to him in the future.  His phone number is:  720-423-5802.

Next meeting:  6:30pm, Wednesday, June 20th at the South All City Stadium Team Room.
Meeting Adjourned


May 16, 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
May 16, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:45pm

Welcome – Alma Ramirez

Band Director’s Report – Brian K. Jordan:

  • No report – Mr. Jordan was unable to attend.

Fundraising Opportunities – Jerry Anderson:

  • Capitol Hill People’s Fair – Sat., June 2nd & Sun., June 3rd
  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival – Fri., July 6th, Sat., July 7th & Sun., July 8th 

Capitol Hill People’s Fair:

  • DCMB would run a Coke booth at a good location on Broadway.  Student band members can help serve because no beer will be served.
  • Band would receive 20% of net profits with a potential of $10 - $12 thousand.
  • Suggestion that band would take 10% of net profit with other $10% being split between band accounts of band members that worked booth.
  • No money is handled – just tickets.
  • Long days with two shifts; need 6 per shift:  Booth Supervisor, 2nd adult & 4 kids.
  • Saturday 9:15am – 3:15pm & 3:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Sunday   8:15am – 2:15pm & 2:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Need to wear band tees & be prepared for rain.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival:

  • Must have two adults per shift with 1 being a finance supervisor plus 3 student band members.
  • Friday      9:15am – 3:15pm & 3:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Saturday  9:15am – 3:15pm & 3:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Sunday    8:15am – 1:30pm & 1:15pm – 6:30pm

Recruitment - Alma:

  • Nacho is recruiting at Morrey & Lake Middle Schools.
  • Scott Hougard & Jerry will be recruiting at Smiley.
  • Alma will be recruiting at Merrill.
  • A recruiting visit has already been made to Hamilton.
  • Mr. Jordan is still working on a school bus tour with DCMB members.

Practices & Camps:

  • Thursday, May 24th is last week of Thursday practices; no practice the week of May 31st.
  • 1st session:   Band Day Camp begins Monday, June 4th - 8th at South All City Stadium.
  • 2nd session:  Steamboat Springs Away Camp – July 23rd – 28th.

                   *  $390. cost per student covers transportations, lodging & meals.
                   *  Two – three chaperones will be needed.

  • 3rd session:   Band Day Camp runs Monday, August 13th – 17th at South All City Stadium.
  • Kathie will make a flyer for Band Day Camp.
  • A special meeting to plan for Day Camp is scheduled for 6:30pm, Wed., May 30th at the Stadium.  (Later changed to Tuesday, May 29th at Mr. Jordan’s request.)

Meeting Adjourned


March 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
March 21, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:40pm

Welcome – Alma Ramirez

Revised Summer Band Camp Schedule:

  • June 4th – 8th at South High
  • July 23rd – 27th at Steamboat Springs
  • Aug. 13th – 17th at South High

 Canon City Music & Blossom Festival: (Note - This event has subsequenly been cancelled.)

  • Discussion about trip to Canon City – should the band stay overnight Friday or do a Saturday round trip?
  • Plan on a Saturday round trip to Canyon City & then plan to make the State Fair in Pueblo trip an overnighter.  Rie will work on details.
  • Need to provide a box lunch & water for kids after Canon City parade.
  • Need sewing help to hem uniforms for new band members.  
  • Schedule:  
    • 5:30am students arrive at South High
    • 6:00am bus departs for Canon City
    • 8:00am arrival in Canon City
    • 10am  Parade steps off

Bingo – Alma Ramirez:

  • A Bingo flyer was reviewed.  It will be passed out to remind students that working Bingo is mandatory.  
  • The flyer or information will also be posted on the Band’s website.

Fundraising - Jerry Anderson:

  • Coors Amphitheatre contracts will be coming out any day.  However our small booth is no longer available.  Possibilities: 
    • Wait & see if another small booth becomes available
    • Do a bigger booth in combination with Littleton Marching Band as suggested by Rhoda Story.  Jerry will call Rhoda.
    • Hours are usually 5pm – midnight with approximately 14 to 18 concerts.
    • Students need to be 16 to work big booths (or at least look 16), but are not usually needed at smaller booths.
    • Reminder that if no one is available to staff booth, there is a penalty fee to the DCMB Parent Corp.

Fundraising Brainstorming:

  • Capital Hill People’s Fair on June 2nd & 3rd.
    • Hours are 9:30am – 8:30pm Saturday & 9:30am – 7:30pm Sunday.
    • Staffing requirement of four volunteers per shift.
    • Students are required to be 16 years or older.
    • Application due March 30th.
  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival on July 6th, 7th, & 8th.
    • Hours are 10am – pm Fri., 10am – 8pm Sat., & 9am – 6pm Sunday. (Note:  Sunday July 8th is currently a Bingo day, but we might be able to trade dates with Alpine Skating.)
    • In addition, booth must be staffed 1 hour before & 1 hour after.
    • Staffing requirement of five volunteers per shift.
    • Students must be 16 years or older.
    • Application due April 15th.
  • Working Coors Amphitheatre last year raised approximately $2500. for the band.  It’s possible we could work both fairs & raise as much money as working Coors Amphitheatre all summer long.
  • Jerry will submit applications for both Fairs.
  • All tips received at booths must go into Parent Corp band fund.
  • Carwashes – last year’s was successful raising just over $400.
    • Alma is checking out locations. 
    • Some other suggestions:  South & Lincoln - both are on very visible streets.
  • Jessica Aceredo – wants to work with DCMB Alumni for a fundraiser.
  • Past fundraisers included:  Butter Braids, delivering telephone books, candy, & fundraising letters.

Mandatory Parent & Student Meeting – Alma Ramirez:

  • Alma is planning a mandatory Parent & Student Meeting.  It was suggested the meeting be scheduled for 11am, Band Fun Day on Sunday, April 22nd when parents will be dropping off band members.
  • Parent Corp will provide snacks for meeting.

Band Fun Day  - Sunday, April 22nd – Rie Kenkel:

  • Rie is working out the details for an afternoon of swimming & fun at APEX, to be paid by the Parent Corp:
    • $400. for chartered coach bus leaving from South High
    • $250. entry fee
    • $200. approximately for food

Laptop & Software request from Mr. Jordan:

  • Mr. Jordan has requested the purchase of a new laptop as well as special music software. 
  • The software cost is approximately $1500. as compared to the cost of usually $2500. each time we buy a new piece of music.
  • Chris Metzger will check into the software requirements for a laptop.

T-Shirts & Shoes – Alma Ramirez:

  • Need to start ordering t-shirts & shoes for band members.
  • Can pull band members out during practice for sizing.

DCMB Merchandise Inventory – Kathie Thorsland:

  • Kathie picked up two boxes of DCMB merchandise from Margaret Cross. 
  • Pictures & merchandise totals were reviewed.
  • It was suggested & approved that the 20, year 2000 tan with white logo t-shirts be given to Mr. Jordan to be kept at Montbello for publicity shots. 
  • DCMB merchandise could be sold at DCMB events as well as through the website.
  • Merchandise on hand included: 
    • 16 (various sizes) Black Silk Jackets w/ logo on back & treble clef note on left front
    • 11 (various sizes) Grey Hoodies with blue “Experience the Pride” logo on front
    • 10 (various sizes) Grey Sweatshirts with blue “Experience the Pride” logo on front
    • 10 (various sizes) Grey T-Shirts with blue “Experience the Pride” logo on front
    •  3  (various sizes) 2001 T-shirts – tan with 20th Anniversary black logo 
    •  4  (1 size fits all) Hats - beige with black logo
    •  9  (1 size fits all) Hats – black with yellow lettering

DPS/DCMB Budget:

  • DPS pays for music, busses & cleaning of uniforms.
  • Maruca Salazar, interim Arts Coordinator has told Alma that we do not currently have any funds, but the previous Arts Coordinator, Janet Montgomery, assured Alma that there was money available.  (So how does the DPS fiscal year run?  Calendar year is our tax year.)
  • Pictures have already been taken of the Marching Band.  Do no DPS funds mean no posters?  We need the posters now for recruiting.
  • Rie will call Maruca Salazar. 
  • Note:  We did not use any DPS funds to clean uniforms last year due to receiving the 100 new uniforms.


  • Rie & Alma will be putting together a budget.  Under discussion:
    • Fees – is the current fee of $100. in line or should it be increased?
    • Suggestion – Increase fee to $130. and then in addition to giving new band members a t-shirt & shoes also include a hoodie.
    • Suggestion – request a case of water along with fee.
  • Rie will do a separate billing for yearly band fee.

Next Meeting:  3rd Wednesday of month, April 18th at 6:30pm

Meeting Adjourned


February 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp Minutes
February 21, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:45pm

Welcome – Alma Ramirez

Director’s Comments - Brian K. Jordan:

  • 30 students attended the first Band practice on Feb. 15th & worked on fundamentals.
  • Plan is to keep on building & increasing the size of the Band each week.  More kids from Montbello & DSA will be coming.
  • Plan is to focus on recruitment of 8th graders. No busses will pickup at middle schools; however middle schoolers may take high school busses.
  • The plan is to play traditional marches for parades & field shows will be more artsy.  Brian has chosen a traditional Sousa march - King Cotton (students will receive music on Feb. 22nd), & the classical Carmina Burana by Carl Orff for field shows.  Music selection is everything to judges.
  • Brian is looking at several middle schools for possible new Band location.
  • Maruca Salazar, Interim DPS Arts Coordinator is very supportive of the Band.

Fundraising – Alma Ramirez:

  • Currently Bingo is the only fundraiser & the Band needs new fundraising ideas.
  • Last summer the Band switched from a big to a small booth at Coors Amphitheatre.  There are new owners & the contracts have not yet been sent out. 
  • TIPPS training is required to work the booth & Jerry will keep checking for training dates.
  • Fundraising brainstorming included:  need fundraisers that students can do; booths to sell DCMB merchandise or food at DPS football games; Taste of Colorado booth; another car wash.

Bingo – Nacho Ramirez:

  • Working 11 Bingo dates plus $60. pays for the weeklong Band Camp in Steamboat.
  • Students are required to work Bingo, but most have not yet signed up.

Band Camps – Brian K. Jordan:

  • The Band Camp dates & locations are tentatively set.  Brian will check into busses for weeks 1 & 2 at South High.
  • 1st Week of Band Camp at South High – Mon. June 4th – Fri. June 8th (time TBA).
  • 2nd Week of Band Camp at South High – Mon. July 30 – Fri., Aug. 3rd (time TBA).
  • 3rd Week of Band Camp at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat.  Tentatively set for Sat. Aug. 11th – Fri., Aug. 17th.

Brainstorming for Improving DCMB Visibility/Image:

  • Band needs to be seen to be known.
  • Brian wants to kids to play at three maybe four DPS football games.
  • Other performance ideas included:  small ensembles to grocery stores or downtown to play for tips, alternate Parent Corp meetings at other schools.
  • Brian wants Band to play for DPS Board.  DPS is our investors & needs to see our product.

Band Fun Day – Rie Kenkel:

  • Scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd, a bus would be chartered to pickup kids at South.
  • Looking at an afternoon of swimming at APEX & a light dinner - all paid for by the Parent Corp.

Website – Chris Metzger:

  • Chris has updated the website which should be up & running by Thursday, Feb. 22nd.
  • Christine asked for an Alumni page.
  • Discussed old website link to PayPal as a way to ask for donations or sell merchandise.  Chris will look into PayPal.

Merchandise – Kathie Thorsland:

  • Margaret Cross was the last person in charge of DCMB merchandise.  She has several boxes of merchandise as well as information on where & how we ordered merchandise.
  • Kathie plans to pick up & inventory the merchandise before the next meeting.

Canyon City Blossom Festival:

  • Brian plans on going down on Friday & performing on Saturday.
  • The band will need to charter a bus & find a place to stay overnight.

Friends & Family Field Show:

  • Brian plans to hold it later in the year.
  • Nacho suggested inviting other bands & making it our own festival.

Next Meeting:  3rd Wednesday of month, March 21st at 6:30pm.

Meeting Adjourned 


January 2007

Denver Citywide Marching Band Parent Corp
January 17, 2007
Minutes taken by Kathie Thorsland
Called to order:  6:40pm

Alma Ramierez introduced Maruca Salazar, DPS Interium Arts Coordinator:

  • Ms. Salazar is the temporary replacement for Janet Montgomery and was very excited to introduce our new DCMB Director – Brian K. Jordan.

New DCMB Director - Brian K. Jordan:

  • Mr. Jordan is the music director at Montbello High School and played examples of current music being played by his students.  He likes to build new music programs.

NOTE: Please see next DCMB newsletter for an article about Mr. Jordan.

  • Mr. Jordan stated that he believed in a strong foundation supported by good fundamentals.  He starts at square one and assumes no one knows anything and builds upward from that point.

Practices,  Membership & Staff – Brian K. Jordan:

  • Practice will begin Thursday, Feb. 8th and will run from 4-6pm with DPS bus transportation being provided. During the winter, practices will be held indoors at South High.  Later in the year the practices will increase to Monday & Thursdays.
  • Current members are the foundation of the band, but new membership will be limited to 8th grade and up with 7th grade allowed by audition only.
  • For staff Mr. Jordan is looking at Justin Canady for line; Raoul for pits & hopefully Alex for flags.

Summer Plans – Brian K. Jordan:

  • 1st parade will be the May weekend trip to Canyon City Festival.
  • Steamboat will return as the location for the week-long Summer Camp.  Date to be announced on or before the next Parent Corp. meeting.
  • Plans for Day Camp at South High will be also be announced on or before the next Parent Corp. meeting.

Recruitment – Brian K. Jordan:

  • Pictures will be taken in two weeks for a recruitment flyer.
  • A mass e-mail has already been sent out to district music directors about today’s meeting and future plans.
  • Alma suggested that the band visit schools during spring music concerts and set up a table for recruitment.  They have already done this at Hamilton.

Treasurers Report & Band Fees - Rie Kenkel:

  • The DCMB Parent Corp. Balance Sheet was presented.
  • $100. band fee is due at the beginning of the academic year.  This covers Dinkle shoes, t-shirt, lunches, etc.  If a student does not need new Dinkles, the fee is only $60.

Bingo – Ignacio Ramierez:

  • Working Bingo is mandatory for all band members.  Members and/or their relatives need to work a total of eleven (11) full Bingo dates.  Each day worked earns $30. per person. That plus $60. will pay for summer Band Camp at Steamboat. 
  • Bingo is every other Sunday (see Bingo schedule) from 10:30am – 5:30pm at Bingo City on Federal south of Hampden.

Awards Banquet – Alma Ramirez:

  • Each year the band holds an Awards Banquet.  This year’s banquet is scheduled for Sun., Jan. 28th.  Invitations will be going out next week.
  • The Italian restaurant Mangia Bev on Wadsworth was one suggestion for a location.  They would work with the bands $10. per person cost.

NOTE:  The day after the meeting Alma sent out an e-mail with a new date and location for the Awards Banquet:  February 11th at 6:00 pm at the Washington Park                                       United Methodist Church.

Band Member Fun Day – Rie Kenkel

  • This is a DCMB band tradition which helps new and old band members build camaraderie and is free for band members.  The Fun Day will be at an indoor water park.  The date will be in April soon after Spring Break.  More information will be available at a later date.

Fundraising – Jerry Anderson:

  • Over the years the band has done many different fundraisers to pay for band trips.  Last year in addition to Bingo, the band worked a small booth at Coors Amphitheatre (old Fiddlers Green).  
  • Both adults and band members may work a booth, but only adults are allowed to serve alcohol or handle money.  Adults must take TIPS training to serve alcohol.
  • Jerry will be getting more information on the upcoming year, but is also interested other good fundraising ideas.

Band Work Day – Alma Ramirez:

  • Signups were requested for a band work day.  Date to be announced.

Old Business

  • Website needs to be updated.  Pat Atkins has gotten the necessary information from Nancy & will pass along to Chris Metzger our new webmaster.
  • A new computer has been purchased for Bingo.

New Business:

  • Mr. Jordan has a music composition program and needs both software and hardware.  He will put together a proposal.
  • The phone number for Alma Ramirez is 303-936-0927

Meeting Adjourned

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